Sea Sick and Fabulous

First night of the cruise, 8:29 pm and guess where we are? In the bed!
You know why? ‘Cause our ship feels like it’s doing the Harlem Shake
and swaying us all from left to right continuously. The waves are huge
and rocking the ship as if it were just a little sailboat.

But, you know what? We all look fabulous right now. We got all dressed
up, did our makeup and hair and swayed our way down to dinner. The
crazy part is neither of us ate a thing. Before the food had even been
placed in front of us, actually before my friends even ordered their
food, they were fleeing to the nearest restroom with a horrendous case
of motion sickness. What a great way to start the cruise!


I think what really did us all in was the moment the food was placed
on the table. Just the sight of those huge pieces of fried chicken
next to a mountain of creamy mashed potatoes made my stomach turn.
There was no way either of us could consume it, unfortunately.
You know what the worst part of it all was though? Remembering that we
all paid $5 for a freaking CAN of Ginger Ale that we didn’t even get
to finish.

DSC_0911So, the time is now 8:40. One of my friends just picked herself up off
our bathroom floor after 20 minutes of fun with the toilet, while my
other friend is happily passed out with s stack of paper bags lying
next to her in case of emergency. I think a nap is in order. Hopefully
the tides subside soon.

Side note: The cans of Ginger Ale were only $2.24. HAHA


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