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Everyone wants to know where companies like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Ami Clubwear, Boohoo and their favorite boutiques get their clothes. Let me let you in on a little secret… It does NOT come from Aliexpress or Alibaba. Many of the companies that these companies order from are located right here in the United States and I’m here to share 70 of them with you!

Wondering what you can expect from this list? See the picture above for some of the types of styles you can find. Also, take a moment to read a few of the reviews for this list.

All vendors on this list REQUIRE a business license/sellers permit. This is a digital product that will be delivered to your email electronically after purchase. Please remember that this is just a tool. It is NOT a secret list. These vendors are not hiding. You can find ALMOST all of them on either FashionGo or LAshowroom. With hard work and research you could find them yourself. BUT, if you would like to eliminate the guesswork of figuring out which vendors are reputable OR you would like to eliminate the task of sifting through hundreds of vendors, then purchasing a vendor list may be for you. Keep scrolling to read more about this product. NO REFUNDS! Please email any questions you have to jance@jancechartae.com BEFORE purchasing.


Download Directions: Enter your payment information through PayPal and then click ‘Return to Merchant.’ A link to your download will appear on the screen. You should also receive an email containing a link to your download. If you do not receive your download please send an email to jance@jancechartae.com.

Looking for trendy wholesale vendors?

Everyone wants to know where companies like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Ami Clubwear, Boohoo and their favorite boutiques get their clothes. Everyday I receive emails containing photos from these retailers and boutique owners wondering what vendor sells that item.

Well, look no further. This list consists of 70 of the trendiest and most popular wholesale vendors that many popular retailers purchase from. (This list is digital and will be sent to your inbox upon purchase).

*Please note, if you have purchased the list with 300 vendors there are 16 on this list that are also on that list. 

* This is a downloadable resource. There is no physical product being shipped. NO REFUNDS. Do not purchase this list if you do not have a business license. A license is required to shop with these vendors.


19 reviews for 70 Trendy Vendors

  1. Courtney (verified owner)

    This list allowed me to upgrade my boutique. I used to order from ali & lovely wholesale. Thank you so much

  2. Toni

    After countless days of researching vendors this vendor list reinsured me that I was on the right track!

  3. Shawntorria Hawkins

    This vendor list was FANTASTIC!! I found some unique items for my boutique and my customer loves each style. Jance helpful hints or should I say hidden gem is DOPE. Invest in your business and get this book, you won’t regret it sis.

  4. Aurelia

    She is God”s gift to new and upcoming boutique owners. She gives you step by step how to open and run a successful boutique. She also don’t mind sharing vendors that trendy boutique buy from. Jance Chartae is the BEST!!!

  5. Colesia (verified owner)

    I purchased this a lil over a month now and let me first say that this is one of my top two vendor purchase because of the layout and organization. The price was very affordable and it saved me tons of time doing the research to find these vendors. Getting websites, telephone number and an idea of the type of clothing each vendor sells is beyond a deal ok.

  6. Uniqua Davis (verified owner)

    Awesome list for an upcoming boutique owner ! I’ve been searching for weeks now I’m ready to purchase my very first order for my boutique ! Thank you doll ? Ladies get this list you will not be disappointed

  7. Melissa (verified owner)

    I had about a hand full of vendors that I had found myself before coming across Jance Chartae’s Vendors list. This list was so full of great information & links! I was able to find and purchase some amazing styles without the hassle. Jance is absolutely amazing and informative! I ended up purchasing both her vendors list and love them. <3

  8. Judy Rowe (verified owner)

    I came across Jance one day on YouTube and literally binged watched her channel in two days. I’ve have since purchased a few of her prior versions of her vendor’s list. They have been instrumental in helping me navigate the sea of wholesalers available to us. Example, I used the list to help me pin point booths to visit while attending the UBM Fashion Show in NY. The vendor lists have been a great tool for many. Thanks Jance! You are a blessing.

  9. Loyda ramos (verified owner)

    Jance is the best i found her on YouTube when she started i love follow her on every social media

  10. Melinda Bohannon (verified owner)

    I Ordered A Few Books From Jance. After Since I Ordered Her Books and list, I Have Been Motivated To Start My Boutique, And Less Work To Find Good Vendors. If You Haven’t Ordered, You Need To Stop What You Doing And Order Now.

  11. Kimberly Burnett (verified owner)

    Just getting started opening an online boutique you are kinda lost as to where to begin searching for wholesale vendors!! Purchasing this vendors list was one of the best things I could have done!! Thanks Jance!!

  12. Ashley Y.

    Jance is the truth! I purchased my vendor list over a year ago. I briefly checked out some of the vendors online and were super pleased with the variety and quality they offered. However, today the list was a life saver! I made my first trip to the LA Fashion District. It is huge! I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed until I pulled up my vendor list and went to my favorite stores on the list. I’m so grateful for the list at such a reasonable cost.

  13. Shay

    I am so blessed to have found Jance. Such an incredible business woman with so much knowlegde. The vendor list I purchased is everything and more. Thanks so much for helping other entrepreneurs like me out! If you are thinking of purchasing any of her books, do it!!! Definitely worth the money!

  14. Ba’Shira of Unique Body Boutique

    After searching for several days & nights, placing things in virtual shopping carts and taking them out, simply because I wasn’t sure of the quality of my purchase…it was a relief to buy Jance’s very economically-considerate vendor list. I just felt like I could cut down half of my time and be more productive and confident in selecting inventory. Jance includes honest notes of her opinions regarding the genre of style, along with the level of pricing and quality. I also found the list to be thoughtful as Jance includes the breakdown of some industry terms/jargon. Purchasing this list is so worth it!…worth the relief from anxiety and feeling like you’re gambling your money to unknown sources! Go for it! GET THE LIST!

  15. Nina Williams (verified owner)

    Lots of vendors with different styles, don’t let the term “trendy” cloud your judgement. I’m looking forward to buying anything she puts out because she is authentic, trustworthy, and caring.

  16. Marie Couture

    I purchased this wholesale list and it was a great investment! It includes some quality vendors and I was able to find items that I wasn’t able to find otherwise. There is a vendor for everything you need.

  17. Danielle Florent (verified owner)

    I stumbled across Jance’s YouTube channel when I was doing research on the boutique business. The content she provided has been beyond valuable and that was free. I have no doubt the vendor lists and eBook will take my business will help me get my business off to an amazing start. Looking forward to delving into all things boutique and learning so much more along the way. If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed, start with Jance. She’ll get you going in the right direction ❤

  18. Jasmine Pettway (verified owner)

    This vendor list has been very helpful in ordering product for my upcoming boutique. The list is very organized and let’s you know what style clothing each vendor sells. Looking at FashionGo can be very overwhelming and the list helped guide me to the pieces that fit my boutique’s style.

  19. Shaina (verified owner)

    From her YouTube channel to these vendors list. I bought the 300 vendors as well . This was very informative and made it easier for me to navigate on what vendors I would use to launch for my online boutique. Her descriptions and how she group them were on point. It’s worth the buy for the amount of information. You did that ????‼️.

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