My Favorite Outfits from JanceStyle’s First Year

I wasn’t much of a risk taker when I started this blog last year. Yes, I would have considered myself a fashionable person. But, everything I wore basically looked the same. I wore lots of neutrals; black, white, tan, navy. I was a beast at making a statement with a super basic outfit.

However, as the year progressed I started to venture out. I found myself buying more prints and colors. I truly stepped outside of my comfort zone and I think a lot of my photos proved that.

It also helped that I worked for companies like Saks Fifth Avenue and The Limited, which really helped me to take my wardrobe to the next level. Now, I will say, I definitely did not allow myself to go broke. I still shopped at places like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, but I also started mixing my name brand pieces with my cheaper pieces. That’s something that I encourage everyone to do. Remember, it’s not where you got it from or how much it costs that matters. It’s how you style it and make it your own.

So, for this post I wanted to share some my favorite outfits from JanceStyle’s first year. I’ll list a brief description about each outfit beneath the photo. Enjoy!

This was a completely unplanned outfit. I spent most of 2016 trying to find ways to look “sexy” without displaying my body parts. A thing high boot always does the trick… and just a “hint” of cleavage.
“Sporty chic” was definitely a thing last year and has for sure carried itself into this year as well. Again, I love my tall boots. Flowy skater dresses look great with sneakers as well as a boot as you can see here. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket for layering. A baseball cap (or dad cap as we’re calling them now) instantly adds a “cool” factor. And you can’t forget one of the hottest trends right now, the backpack (shoutout to my bestie for letting me borrow hers lol).
Wearing all white had never been my thing until last year. The very thought of it scared the crap out of me. I’m entirely too clumsy. However, pairing it with a pop of color made me feel a little more at ease. What’s that saying that you all use? “Rock that all white when I’m feelin Godly.” I get it now. Haha
Talk about a “color story.” This was one of my absolute favorite looks of the entire year. It was a lot of fun, yet still very professional. If I worked in an office setting I guarantee that I would dress like this every single day!

Now these two are definitely what you would call a “fashion risk” or if you’re like my mother, a “fashion no-no.” This was probably the biggest and maybe the first fashion risk that I took. Typically, I’m quite the matching person. So, for me to not only be wearing multiple colors, but to also be wearing two different prints at the same time… It was absolutely outside my comfort zone. But, I loved it!
I can’t end this post without including the outfit I wore to the Rihanna concert. Once again sporting thigh high boots, but this time making my introduction into the world of oversized clothing. That olive green jacket gave me life! And although the size said “XS,” it fit more like a medium…and I love it. Oh, and these were the first denim shorts I had bought in years, and still continue to be the only ones that I own. I just cant find any other that I like…or that don’t make my butt hang out of the back of them. LBS


Well folks, I think that would complete the list of my favorite looks from the past year. I can’t wait to style a ton more this year and expand my wardrobe. Let us pray that my pockets also expand as I’m attempting to expand my wardrobe though.

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to the next time!


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