You Need Email Marketing to Build Your Business

Let me guess, you’re getting ready to announce your new business but you don’t know whether or not you need email marketing? YES, GIRL YOU DO. Every business needs an email marketing strategy, full stop. If you’re not building your email lists through website pop-up forms, redirect links, and social

Shipping with USPS

There are various shipping providers to choose from. USPS happens to be one of the most popular amongst boutique owners and e-commerce businesses. Shipping with USPS can be a breeze, but it’s easy to make a mistake. Packing USPS orders starts with choosing the right box (or poly mailer…because let’s

How much to charge for shipping

Shopping online can be a lot of fun. Adding things that you love to your cart probably brings you much joy! You may notice that retailers often offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. You may notice others that offer a set shipping amount regardless of how

Boutique Photography- Tips for Taking Better Photos

Recently I gave my Instagram followers a little exercise to do. I asked them to take a look at their boutique’s website and instagram and determine if they would or wouldn’t purchase their own products based on their photos. Surprisingly, 25% of responders stated they would not purchase their own

Influencer Marketing for Boutiques

Influencer marketing can be especially beneficial for boutiques. Marketing is an essential part of growing your boutique business, but working with an influencer to market your business and products can definitely improve your business and bring new customers your way. However, there are two important things you should keep in mind when

Content Creation for boutiques

By this point you may have taken the pictures, uploaded them and launched your boutique’s website. So, you may be thinking “what other content do I need to create for my boutique?” Here’s the truth. Your website won’t see much traffic if you don’t create content that drives people there. So,

Instagram & Hashtags for Boutiques

Instagram & Hashtags for Boutiques

Here’s a list of the most popular hashtags used in 2018. #love #instagood #food #tbt #followforfollow #likeforlike #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #motivation #cute #me Did that just make you excited? Are you excited to open your Instagram app and share your next post using these hashtags? Don’t be! Your new post

Instagram Algorithm – How Does it Work

Instagram Algorithm – How Does it Work

You probably have heard people say that they hate the new Instagram algorithm. Have you seen the above post (or one similar) floating across Instagram lately? Well, what if I told you that this a hoax and 100% NOT true!? Imagine that you’re following 2,000 accounts on Instagram and on

Fashion Nova Vendors – Where do they get their clothes?

Fashion Nova Vendors – Where do they get their clothes?

Everyone wants to know where does Fashion Nova get their clothes from. Who are the Fashion Nova Vendors? Everyone wants to know where companies like Pretty Little Thing, Amiclubwear and Boohoo get their clothes and how it’s possible that they always seem to be running a “sale.” Everyday I receive

8 Reasons Your Business Is Failing – How to Fix It

8 Reasons Your Business Is Failing – How to Fix It

Lack of commitment So, you’ve launched your business, but what are you doing to make sure is grows and succeeds. One of the biggest reasons your business may be failing is due to lack of commitment. As a new business owner you have to be very intentional about the amount

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