10 Things I Learned While In Atlanta

centennial olympic park

  1. There is a such thing as “Southern Hospitality.” – Most of the men we met in Atlanta were very sweet and gentlemen like. In fact, one night as we were walking into our hotel, a young man and his brother were walking out and he noticed my hands were full. So, re grabbed some things so I could have a free hand! Where do they do that at!? LOL
  2. The men are capable of quickly deciphering when a woman is from out of town. – We asked a guy how he knew that we weren’t from Atlanta and his reply was, “Because we spoke and actually had a conversation.” Hmmm… I think that was his way of saying Atlanta women are either quite rude or either quite shy. (I’m going to go for rude though LOL)
  3. Free parking does not exist. – See number 9.
  4. People drive TERRIBLY just like in every other city in this country. – HONK! HONK! That’s all I heard on the roads. Everyone is in such a rush!
  5. You can be from Atlanta, raised in Atlanta and work in Atlanta all your life and still not know what’s going in Atlanta. There is so much to do! – There were days when we would ask people where something was located or what there was to do that night and they would have no idea.
    Centennial Olympic Park
  6. Everybody is a celebrity’s cousin. – I met a dud in the club who sent his friend over to tell me that he was “Gucci Mane’s cousin.” Was I supposed to care or something!?
  7. Waffle House is a hot commodity and located on every single corner. Chick-Fil-A is a close second. – It literally got to a point where I was tired of looking for something to eat and felt like Chick-Fil-A was forced upon me by the city. LOL
  8. Do not come to Atlanta during BET Hip-Hop Awards weekend if you aren’t prepared to spend all your money to have a good time. But, if clubs and parties aren’t your thing then I think you should be fine. – We went to only one club and paid $30 to get in. Drinks were $10. You could easily spend a good amount of money in one club.
  9. It’s better to get a hotel downtown and pay that hotel for parking than to stay outside the city limits and have to pay for parking everywhere you go. Just get a hotel downtown and walk or UBER everywhere. – We stayed in a nice hotel in Marietta which wasn’t too far from everything. But, we had to pay for parking everywhere we went. Click here to see the hotel we stayed in.
  10. When Atlanta says they have a gas shortage, believe them! – I kid you not, they were talking about a gas shortage on the radio and we didn’t think anything of it. The very next day we went to get gas because we were very low and literally could not find a gas station that offered regular gas or wasn’t super high-priced.

I can say one thing for sure. I’ll definitely visit Atlanta again soon. It’s such a beautiful city and I encourage everyone to visit at least once. Be on the lookout for a few more Atlanta posts!

Centennial olympic park

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