MILLENNIAL TALK : When You Feel Like You Have No Support

Good afternoon loves! I’m bringing more millennial talk to you today! I feel like I was born into a generation that was told we could do and be anything we wanted as long as we worked hard and went to school. As millennials we have been told we can do and be anything if we put our minds to it. While half of us went to school and got a degree, the other half chose to stay home in pursuit of finding employment. Something that many of us have in common, though, is an entrepreneurial spirit.

However, what comes along with that is an unsupportive family who often times just doesn’t get it or comprehend. They feel that you are going against tradition; that you should just listen to them because as the saying goes, “mother knows best.” They feel that the standards and goals they have for you have gone out the window and unnoticed.

But, what they don’t know is that we took to heart that message that “we can do whatever we put our mind to.” And unfortunately for our parents, in our heads and hearts that translated to possibly not needing or getting a degree, maybe dropping out of school, starting a business and/or finding some way to be my own boss.

What parents fail to realize is that we do listen to them. What they don’t realize is that our dreams and goals often times surpass the dreams and goals they have for us. As millennials we have so many tools and resources available to us which sometimes can get you much further in life even without a degree.

While our parents have dreams of us having everything they never had, our dreams are to be able to GIVE THEM everything they never had!

As many of you know I did go to college and get a degree, but what you all also know is that I am not employed in a field that has anything to do with that degree. In fact many of my peers believed that I’d obtained a degree relating to fashion because of my love for the industry. However, my degree has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with that!

My biggest goal in life is to be a writer and full-time blogger. If I told any of your parents (and mine), they would most definitely look at my crazy. They don’t see, nor comprehend, how any real money or success could come from such a dream.

For many of our parents all they know is a life of working for someone else. Their lives were very structured, maybe even planned out for them. Many of their parents set very clear goals on their behalf and they had no choice but to comply.

We don’t claim to know everything. If we did then would we ask our families for help, support or advice in our endeavors? We truly feel that without your support, whether financially or just physically being there to lend a listening ear or advice, we wouldn’t really get where we want to be.

Often times an individual’s first supporters are his/her immediate family and close friends. For some, if they don’t have your initial support then it could result in them giving up, feeling that their dreams or goals are unattainable or unrealistic. Sometimes if your own flesh and blood doesn’t believe in you it becomes difficult to continue believing in yourself.

Because I know that many of my peers and individuals my age are parents now I want to encourage you to not only tell your children to dream and set goals, but also to HELP THEM FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS! What may seem impossible or unrealistic to you, may actually be quite possible and attainable with the right amount of support or the help of the right person.

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