A few months ago I wrote a post about what I think men like in regards to women. (Click here to read it if you’d like.) Within that post I discussed the greatest lesson that I’ve learned in regards to men and their view of the way we dress. I came to the conclusion that while younger men enjoy the woes of short skirts, crop tops, cleavage and exposed butt cheeks, mature men admire a woman who knows how to be sexy, yet sophisticated at the same time. No man enjoys having a woman who exposes her body parts for everyone else to see, no matter how good she looks.

So, for that reason I would like to share my tips for dressing sexy and sophisticated. Whether at work or out on the town, these simple tips will help you “slay” in the best way.

  1. There is a difference between something being fitted and something being too tight. Choose items that fit your body shape but don’t hug your every curve. If you want to accentuate a body part, it can be done without your clothes being skin tight. (See tips 3 and 4.)DSC_0619
  2. If you feel the need to expose some skin, choose one part of your body. For example, If you would like to show your legs, then cover your cleavage. Also, just because you want to show your legs does not mean you have to show your entire leg and especially not all the way up to your but  cheeks. DSC_0625
  3. Wearing high heels makes almost any outfit instantly sexier. It does not necessarily have to be the highest heel. However, I find that the higher the heel is, the better my posture is. Also, higher heels make your legs look leaner and longer. Wearing heels also makes your butt appear to sit higher.DSC_0618
  4. Wear a statement necklace. This will bring attention to your neck area, ultimately your bust area, without you having to expose your cleavage. DSC_0620
  5. Build your outfit with simple, neutral colors and prints. Then if you want to add some color, do so by adding a jacket or colorful accessories. Not that there is anything wrong with wearing loud, bright colors (I love wearing color)… *I* just feel that wearing neutral colors is the simplest and sexiest way to look sophisticated in the workplace. However, I am all for adding a pop of color with a jacket/blazer or a colorful blouse underneath a neutral-colored blazer; or even a colorful shoe with a neutral outfit. I am in no way saying that it is impossible to look sexy and sophisticated while wearing bright colors. DSC_0623

Remember one thing, ladies. Less is more… and I don’t mean less clothing covering your body. Keep things as simple as possible and don’t overthink it! It really is that easy.

Until next time,

Keep it sexy and sophisticated


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