I never quite imagined that my website or blog would be a diary or a tell-all story of my life and feelings. But, that is exactly what this will be. This website is not just about fashion. Fashion is about trends, outfits, and pieces of clothing. This website is about STYLE; JANCE STYLE to be exact! It’s about my way of life. The way I choose to live. How I feel.


The is no simple way to explain what Jance Style is because it can’t be described in just one short sentence or paragraph. To put it simply, it’s a variety of things. I have a certain style of dressing, a style of living, a style of writing, a style of thinking, etc. I have all these styles that are specific to me and so do you. My goal is to share my style of life and being, not in a conceited or cocky way (because truthfully there is nothing so spectacular about my life), but in a helpful and informative way.


I’ve never really had many friends, not that I’m complaining, but I always find it comforting to talk to new people and learn new things. I hope that through my writing, I gain new friends whom I can share my life tips, tricks and hacks with and who will also share their style with me. Let’s all be style buddies!




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