I’m wearing a wig!… That is all.

Let me tell y’all what my life is looking like right now in this very moment. It is 1:01 a.m. I got home from work around 9:15 p.m. and do you know the first thing I did when I walked into my room?… I pulled my wig off. (I am laughing hysterically right now.)

You know, it’s so funny because I keep thinking back to when we were kids and most of our grandmother’s wore nothing but wigs. I remember thinking, “I’ll never wear a wig.” Look at me now; rocking a wig every single day. (Still laughing hysterically). I’m literally sitting here trying to figure out when my opinion of wigs changed.


I remember being semi disturbed every time I saw my granny remove her wig at the end of the day. It was so weird to me. Now, in 2016 at the age of 26, I find myself lifting the front of my closure to adjust it while I’m at work. I have more women ask me about my hair than about anything else when I’m at work. They always want to know if it’s a sew-in, but I’m real quick to lift the front up and show them the greatness of the wig lying on top of my head! (LOL) I am so completely unbothered!


I’ll never forget this one particular time, I was hanging out with a guy that I was dating at the time and I told him that I was going to do my hair at his place. I proceeded to wash my hair, braid it up and put on my wig. I remember walking out of the bathroom and he was so amazed at how fast I had “done my hair.”

Then, on another occasion I had just taken my wig off and unraveled my braids when the guy I was dating showed up at my place. I stepped outside to talk with him and he asked why I had taken my hair out because he wanted to take me somewhere. I told him I’d be right back, went in the house, put my hair in two braids to the back and plopped my wig back on my head. When I came back outside after about 7 minutes, he was totally shocked.


I think it’s hilarious how oblivious some men are to the fact that a lot of women wear weaves and even more women wear wigs. It is astounding to me. But, I’m not one to try to hide it. If you asked me if it’s a wig I’d tell you yes. I think it’s even more hilarious how many women trick men into believing the hair on their head is real, when in fact it’s just a really great quality grade of virgin hair.


I would say that I am one of those women who do not need weave. I’m definitely not bald-headed. I just prefer not to wear my own hair. My real hair is completely natural. I’ve cut it off numerous times but I’ve always gotten a relaxer whenever I cut it. However, this last time I decided to really give this natural hair life a try. I’m currently about 9 months in and things are pretty smooth.

IMG_6290  IMG_6379

I find it super funny that most of us black women who go natural have no intention of wearing our hair in it’s natural state until it is at a certain length, we’ve mastered a certain hairstyle or our curl pattern is popping. We watch countless YouTube hair tutorials and waste lots of dollars on hair products that we don’t even end up using.

However, there are so many people who believe that because we choose to wear anything other than what is naturally ours, we are not accepting of our true selves. In actuality, most of us are quite accepting of who we are.


I am one of the most creative people I know. It just so happens that one of the ways I like to display my creativity is through my hair and clothes. I love the fact that I can wake up in the morning and decide whether I want to have long brown hair or short black hair. I love that I have the choice to wear my hair in super long twist or wear a short little twist out! For me, it is all fun and games.

Now, I’d say it might be different if you’ve never seen my real hair and that I choose to never wear it at all. If I were wearing weaves and wigs everyday with the intent to hide a portion of myself, then that would make for a different article.


However, I just want men and women to know and understand that we all have a choice. We all have freewill. If I choose to shave my hair off tomorrow and dye it red that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

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