How to Stop Being Indecisive : 5 Ways to Be a Smarter Shopper

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Today I want to discuss my very strong case of indecisiveness and how to stop being indecisive as well. I know for a fact that I’m not the only person that struggles with this. I literally see hundreds of women come in and out of my job every single week who can’t make a decision on a purchase to save their lives.

Before I continue, please click here IMMEDIATELY to purchase this awesome dress that I got for only $16 at Forever 21. It’s so amazing that I struggled to choose between the four colors that were available. So, I left with two of them.

Now, I would just like to point out that indecision is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it is quite important and beneficial to take the time to think things through before making a decision. For the purposes of this post, however, we will be discussing being indecisive when it comes to shopping.

However, I struggle not necessarily with deciding whether or not to buy something. That is always pretty clear. A purchase is definitely going to be made. I struggle more so with deciding how much to spend and how many of a certain thing I should get. I have a habit (that I wouldn’t necessarily say is a bad habit) of buying one thing in multiple colors… Hence the dress pictured here.

My motto has become if I like them both then I need them both. Rather than decide which one to get, I simply decide to get both. Ok, I think that might be a bad habit after all. (LOL…I’m a work in progress.)

So, let’s discuss a few ways to make better decisions and how to stop being indecisive.

  1. If you think it can wait, then you should wait. – I think the best thing to remember is that if it can wait then you should let it wait. What I mean is that if you do not need that item immediately or for an upcoming occasion then you really don’t need to purchase it at the moment.
  2. Stop trying to persuade yourself. In my own case, I know that I have a bad habit of persuading myself that I need things. It’s almost like I present a case to myself and I argue my point in favor of needing to take the item home with me immediately. Refer back to number one. If you initially though you didn’t need it and that it could wait, the you most definitely do not need it and you most definitely should wait.
  3. Ask you yourself how much use you will get out of this particular item. – Honestly, you would save yourself so much time if you ask yourself this before you even try the item on or make it up to the register. As a retail professional, one of the things that annoys me most is when someone gets up to the register and apprehensive about purchasing something. If you have to ask me how much the item is or what the discount on the item is the I don’t feel like you need it. If you have to worry about the price, then don’t then don’t think twice. Just put the item down!
  4. If you know money is tight, then don’t go to the mall. – There is nothing worse than tempting yourself. If you avoid stores and shopping malls at all costs then you are only doing yourself a favor. It can be quite depressing to be in a retail location looking at lots of pretty things and knowing that you can’t and shouldn’t take anything home with you. Save yourself some money and sadness by not even going to the store if you do not NEED to.
  5. Shop with a purpose. – Something that has helped me in the past, and that I actually need to start doing again, is writing down a list of items that I would like to purchase for the upcoming season. I saved the list in my phone so that when I went shopping I had something specific to look for, rather than picking up a bunch of random things I don’t need. You write a list when you go grocery shopping. Why not write a list for all other types of shopping. I honestly believe this decreases the likelihood impulse purchasing.

Ok, guys. So, there you have it. I hope that I’ve helped you all to make steps to avoid impulse buying and to make smarter and quicker decisions when it comes to shopping. Now, please enjoy the photos below!

maxi wrap dress

maxi wrap dress

maxi wrap dress

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