All Black Outfit: How to Make an Outfit Out of Jeans & T-shirt

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up with absolutely no motivation and no time to put effort into creating an outfit? That was me this morning. Actually, that’s been me every morning for like the last five months or so. I have no desire to do my hair and absolutely […]

New York Fashion Week – How to Look Good on a Budget

Here’s a little story about the time I’m sure I committed a fashion faux pas and wore thirfted clothes to New York Fashion Week. For years I have dreamed of going to New York Fashion Week and often fantasized about what I would wear when the opportunity presented itself. Well, the opportunity finally came around […]

Effortless Fashion : Thank God for “Athleisure”

One thing about fashion is that it is always changing. Amazingly, fashion is currently probably the most effortless that it’s ever been. Literally, nowadays you can make an outfit out of almost anything. So, this post will be about how to create effortless fashion. Furthermore, this year, fashion has been all about looking laid-back and […]

Shopping for Plus-Size Clothing: The truth?

I know what you all may be thinking right now. What could Jance possibly know about shopping for plus size clothing? Why is she writing about it? Why does it matter to her? Well, keep reading and you’ll understand! Recently I was presented with a new task while on my second L.A. buying trip; shopping […]

Going Blonde 101: Dye Your Hair Sis

Every year I typically change my hair in the form of a haircut. This year, however, I took things in a new, more dramatic, direction. I woke up one morning and decided that I needed a real change. Take a ride with me as I share my tips for going blonde. So, I pulled my […]

My Favorite Outfits from JanceStyle’s First Year

I wasn’t much of a risk taker when I started this blog last year. Yes, I would have considered myself a fashionable person. But, everything I wore basically looked the same. I wore lots of neutrals; black, white, tan, navy. I was a beast at making a statement with a super basic outfit. However, as […]

Happy One Year Anniversary JanceStyle!

I cannot believe that JanceStyle has officially been up and running for an entire year! I am super excited. We’ve had our share of ups and downs. There were lots of challenges along the way, but we held it together and made it work. JanceStyle has seen lots of changes in the last year. From […]

Long bomber jackets: My Favorite Trend from 2016

There is one trend that I have carried over from 2016: the bomber jacket. Last year I bought four Bomber jackets; an olive green one, a rose pink one, a camouflage one and my long black one (pictured below). One thing, specifically, that I will continue to wear is my long bomber jacket. I absolutely […]

Jord Wood Watches: Awesome Watches for Everyone

Last month, I was asked to review a beautiful timepiece from Jord Wood Watches. Now, of course, I was super excited because 1. I love watches and fashion accessories and 2. this is my very first sponsored post. I’m beyond honored for my first sponsored post to feature such an amazing and steadily growing brand. […]

Capes and Ponchos: How to Wear and 11 Tips for Styling

Capes and ponchos are two things that are typically a “miss” for me. I just don’t feel that they are very flattering because I’m so short and most of them are too long. So, here’s the story behind this cape. I purchased it last year around this time from the Limited at St. Clair Square. […]