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I have had these pants for almost three years now and this is the first time that I’ve actually worn them out in public. I kid you not, these pants were bought in an attempt to persuade our customers to buy them because they weren’t selling. In the moment that I purchased them, I hated them. But, now that I’ve mastered this whole mixing patterns situation, they are BOMB! Like, they are literally super cute. (more pictures below)

Funny thing is, the shoes I’m wearing were also bought a while back (about a year ago) and this is only my second time wearing them. I guess it’s safe to say that I have a slight problem with buying things that I don’t need. You could probably even say that I don’t even truly like the items when I buy them because it takes me so long to wear them! So, today will be a lesson on how to be a smarter shopper.

  1. Buy things that you need, not just for one-time use. When purchasing clothing or shoes, I think it’s best to pick items that work for whatever the occasion is, but that you know for a fact you will wear again. A good rule to follow is, if you cannot think of at least three items that you already own that will pair with this new item then you do not need to purchase it.
  2. Choose quality over quantity. I am by no means making a substantial amount of money at my job. There are many times when I want to take the easy route and buy the $12.90 blouse from Forever 21 because it’s super cute and cheap. But, I’ve learned that the smarter thing to do is invest in a better quality shirt from a different retailer because it will last longer. Now, I’m not saying that clothes from retailers like Forever 21 are not worth your money. In fact, sometimes the higher priced the item is at F21, the better the quality is. Most times a higher ticket price indicates that there may be more intricate design details or higher quality fabric than the $12.90 blouse. Sometimes spending $40 on a blouse is a much wiser decision than spending the same amount for three tops that won’t hold up over time.
  3. BUDGET. Now, this is the one that I still struggle with. So, if you all have any advice about budgeting, I’m all ears. I have been working on it though. I’ve found that what doesn’t work for me is putting myself on a monthly spending budget because I typically end up with an unexpected expense at the end of the month that I can’t afford because I’ve spent my money on new clothes that I don’t need. So, find a budget strategy that works best for you.
  4. If you really love something then buy it in multiple colors. I know many people who would say this is a fashion no-no. However, I find that when I really love an item of clothing, I try it on in multiple colors. If I tell myself to just choose one, I go home and end up regretting not buying the other color. When I finally go back to get it, the item is either 1.) sold out or 2.) no longer on promotion. I’m not telling you to buy those amazing pants in every color of the rainbow, but it’s okay to buy 2 or 3… especially if you’re purchasing neutral colors!
  5. Do not choose trends over classics. It’s okay to purchase trendy items, but when choosing between a trend and a classic, it’s best to go classic. A classic wardrobe staple will never steer you wrong. When I purchase a trendy item, I typically choose neutral colors.
  6. Allow a seasoned sales professional to help you. “But Jance, how will I know if they are a seasoned sales professional?” Easy! Simply, ask the most stylish person you can find how long they have worked there. Once you have found the individual you feel comfortable with, tell them exactly what you’re looking for. I believe that it is best to be completely honest with them. You don’t want to waste your time and they surely don’t want you to waste their time. Tell them exactly how much you are looking to spend, what you like as far as color and fit and what you do not like. Allow them to start you a fitting room and make selections and recommendations for you. If they are truly a seasoned retail professional, they will not show you things simply for their pleasure or waste your time showing you things outside of your price range. If you’re up front and honest it cuts down on so much time.

So ladies, I hope I’ve helped you take a step in the right direction to make smarter decisions when you shop! Leave me some of your shopping tips in the comments below. Until next time, happy shopping.











    1. Yes! No sense in buying something that will be out of style the very next season! Then you have to wait a decade for it to come back around again! LOL

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