How many times have you heard the complaint that women take too long to get dressed? That we’re indecisive and take forever to decide what to wear? Are you that friend that’s never ready on time or always late to an event? Do you frequently claim that you have nothing to wear? If this sounds like you then you and I are one in the same… So today I would like to share a few tips that help me get dressed a little faster.

  1. PICK YOUR CLOTHES OUT FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK – Check the weather for the entire week on a Sunday. Look at your calendar to see what you have planned for the week. Pick out clothes, not only for work, but for after work activities and the weekend. Do not use the changing forecast as an excuse. It will not change that much. You can switch one day’s outfit to another day, but be strict with yourself and do not interfere with what you’ve already planned to wear for the week.
  2. GET RID OF THINGS THAT YOU NEVER WEAR – If you have less items to pick from then you’re less likely to rummage through your closet for longer periods of time. There is no sense in holding on to items that you have not worn in more than a year.
  3. GET RID OF CLOTHES THAT YOU CANNOT FIT – If you cannot get those jeans past your thighs then why are you still holding on to them? There is a huge difference between pants you cannot buckle and pants you can’t pull up! Now, I am all for holding on to that one pair of favorite pants as motivation to fit back in them one day. BUT, if you have a closet full of size 2’s and you currently wear size 8 and have no plans of starting an ultimate workout plan or diet, then baby girl it’s time to part ways with those clothes.
  4. INVEST IN A STEAMER – My steamer is literally my best friend. I have not ironed a thing in years, plus I wasn’t really good at it. The great thing about steamers is that it releases wrinkles faster and is more gentle on delicate fabrics. Steam all your clothes on Sunday after you pick them out and hang them in a designated area of your closet so that you can literally just slip them on and go.
  5. ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET – If you are the type of individual who buys new clothes and just hangs them in your closet then you are definitely adding to the amount of times it takes you to get dressed. I personally found that having my closet organized by style and color has made it extremely easier to not only find what I’m looking for, but decrease the amount of time it takes me to get dressed everyday!


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